World of Warcraft

Heróis Alliance

Artumnis Moondream – Night Elf druid
Shailara Witherblade – Nigth Elf Warrior
Brandon Lightstone – Human Paladin
Sandrai Darkshine – Human Warlock
Weefla Sorrowfall – Dwarf Priest
Burbonn Fang – Dwarf Hunter
Brebo Bigshot – Gnome Mage
Alissi Quicksting – Gnome Rogue

Heróis Horde

Thundershot – Tauren hunter
Meadowfrey – tauren shaman
Wennu Bloodsinger – Troll priest
Dongon Swiftblade – Troll rogue
Leeam Sagewind – Undead warlock
Sofeea Icecall – Undead Mage
Grumbaz Crowsblood – Orc Warrior
Zowka Shattertusk – Orc Shaman


Green murloc
Red Murloc
Blue murloc
Green gnoll
Red gnoll
Blue gnoll
Green Ghoul
Red ghoul
Blue ghoul
Green Cruzader
red cruzader
Blue cruzader
Green naga
Red naga
Blue naga
Green spider
Red spider
Blue spider
Green wraith
Red wraith
Blue wraith
Green worgen
Red worgen
Blue worgen
Green wildkin
Red wildkin
Blue wildkin
Green ogre
Red ogre
Blue ogre
Green drake
Red drake
Blue drake
Green doom guard
Red doom guard
Blue doom guard
Green infernal
Red infernal
Blue infernal

Mais miniaturas de World of Warcraft:

Para quem ainda não tem o jogo, agora é possível jogar no PC:

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  1. post has been excellent and i have referred it to many of my friends. my honour for the work that you have done. thank you once again.

  2. Your work is truly amazing, and it has inspired me to keep painting my wow-figures.
    Thanks for posting these photos!

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